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« on: August 24, 2011, 04:31:03 AM »
Hi All,

First off, well done on a super job with RC. Been using it for a while now.

We're in the process of replacing Horde with RoundCube and have noticed something sketchy with the junk/spam folders.

I've noticed that this has come up before, but I saw no resolution. Our server's SpamAssassin automatically labels spam and throws those emails in a folder called spam. I see that RC creates a folder called Junk once he logs in for the first time and then subscribes the user to this folder for his spam emails. However, once the user logs in he needs to manually subscribe to the Spam folder that was already on the mail server where SpamAssassin delivers the spam to. No spam goes to Junk folder because SpamAssassin is not set to deliver it there. Most of these users aren't clever enough to do the subscriptions themselves so I need to do this code side for all the users.

What I need to know is, how do I go about changing everything labelled as Junk to Spam? I know you cannot just change the words in as well as the localization files as these files don't have anything to do with the scripts built into RC. I cannot go about renaming all the folders for each user as there are hundreds of users.

Any help here would be really appreciated.