Author Topic: PSP - Play Station Portable navigator cannot send message - send button is disabled  (Read 12782 times)

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Dear Roundcube,
While accessing from the PSP as client of your webmail, I have an issue, I cannot send a message. I can go to the "New message" page (compose action), but the button to send the message remains disabled. Also the "Send now" button does not work. I tried to tamper a little bit with the code. I believe the action when pressing these buttons does not work in the PSP due to a javascript problem perhaps.

I discovered that:
The links that work are like "?_task=mail&_action=list"
But the ones like "onclick="return rcmail.command('send','',this)" does not work in the PSP.

Is there an alternative for this call? could I create a new template to send the message from the PSP?