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mails especially with attachments appears blank

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why is it that some of the emails especially with attachments appeared blank? what could be wrong?

Check out this post:

That was the same problem I was experiencing when my PHP memory limit was set too low.

thanks very much trolley :) i've set it to 32MB, i can now see the mails with attachments that i can't see when it was set to 8MB.

I had the same problem - until now 8)

But I would suggest to increase this value just for the webmail vhost.
Under apache 2 this would look like:

--- Code: ---php_flag engine on
AddDefaultCharset   UTF-8
php_flag    display_errors Off
php_value    upload_max_filesize   3m
php_value    memory_limit      32M
--- End code ---

Maybe it's a n00b question but is this a Roundcube or a system setting?

I'm using a hosting service and do not have access to the server.


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