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Why don't any of the icon sets have text labels?

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Why don't any of the icon sets have text labels?

I have customers who are confused by roundcube simply because the icon sets don't have TEXT LABELS. I really like the thunderbird and tango icon sets, but the lack of TEXT LABELS on the icons prevents me from using roundcube as a replacement for squirrelmail.

It would be really nice to see really simple labels  NEW REPLY SEND BACK, etc... on these icon sets.

I do realize that english isn't the only language in the world, and I can also see where publishing language packs would get bothersome. I also realize that I can modify them using an editor.


Well, one reason is that if you put the text into the icon (as in part of the image) then you have to have a different set for each language. This can really become difficult to maintain, as well as bloat the package.

The other reason is that it hasn't really been discussed. I wouldn't mind seeing it set as a user-option of whether there are text-labels under the image or not. THis way, each user can control it; and it can be incorporated into the language files which makes it really easy to update.

If you're good with PHP, you may make a try at modding the current RC SVN build and write to the dev-list about your mod and what it does.

Please see:

Since this IS open source and we seem to have a GREAT community so far, I would think
that users from each language would be willing to donate a little time to create a text
icon set in their language( from a default icon set) but this would require a nice file set
to use, and a standard one (then go from there) ;)

But why do that? Then the package grows with every language. The proper way to do it is to use the alt attribute to the image, and maybe show a tool-tip after specified delay which would be the text-label in the user's language. Having 10,000 different icon sets makes no sense, especially since there's no way to easily switch between themes yet, let alone icon sets.


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