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Spanish Language Translation is now 100% completed!

Started by Yoni, April 04, 2012, 12:22:00 AM

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I'll write it up as simple as possible but first: THANK YOU SO MUCH, ROSALI!

I have revised and updated Roundcube 0.7.2 es_ES localization file and it is available for download here:

Unzip download into .../roundcube_folder/program/localization/es_ES/ and enjoy. I'll make another revision at a later time...

I have also updated each one of the MyRoundcube Plugins es_ES localization files as of today's date. Just download the latest MyRoundcube Plugins package from Rosali (, they are all included within that package. If you are using Plugin Manager you've been already notified about the localization files updates.

And last but not least, I have included es_ES support for some third party plugins that are not included in MyRoundcube Plugins or Roundcube's distributions. To get those files, please check here:

Spanish (es_ES) support is now 100% completed for the following plugins: (excuse me if I forget to mention some of them)

    Context Menu
    Expand/Collapse Folders
    Fix Header of Message List
    Keyboard shortcuts
    Mark Message Buttons
    Message List Check Box
    Prevent Keyloggers
    Select Range
    Style Filter Box & Message Counter
    Summary Page
    Addressbook in Compose Window
    Attach vCard
    Attachments per Drag & Drop
    Compose Button
    Compose in New Window
    Detach Attachments
    Reply Mailing Lists
    Scheduled Sending
    Virtual Keyboard
    Message Highlights
    vCard Attachments
    Archive Folder
    Away Message
    Copy Message(s)
    Export Messages
    Forward as Attachment
    Import Messages
    Mark Messages as Spam
    Message Forwarding
    New Mail Notifier
    Remote IMAP Accounts
    Webmail Notifier
    Automatic Addressbook
    Google Contacts
    Plaxo Contacts
    Change Password
    Forgot Password
    Idle Timeout
    Nabble Apps
    RSS Feeds
    Spam Filter
    Sticky Notes

Hope you guys like it.