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i have a question. When i set for example german as the default language for all mailboxes / for my complete roundcube installation and when i klick on adressbook i couldn't see the german translation in the window bar of the internet explorer.

OK i explain it a little bit When you login in roundcube everytime in the windowbar of the internetexplorer you see
"the name of your roundcubeproject" :: [your location in roundcube for example inbox or addressbook] - Microsoft Internet Explorer.

My Problem is that the location will not be translated.

Another example is when i click on settings and go to folders. Then i will see the list of the default folders. But there is no german translation. You can only the see english names inbox , draft , junk, sent and trash.
When i go to my normal mailbox then i will see in left folderlist (not in the settings - folderlist) the german translation.

So my question is how can i translate the locatiion in the statusbar and how could i set the names of the default folders so that they will be translated in the settings - folderlist.

THANKS A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!

greetings from germany...



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