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Is here any people can teach me more about programming....!?

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I just know some of PHP and SQL script (only in mysql, basically...select,update,insert......)

I want to learn PHP...
I want to learn C++...
I want to learn Java...
I want to learn ....Orz

Why do you want to learn both c++ & java?

I think each is difficult enough so why not concentrate on just one?

The best way to learn is develop. So choose a language. download (or buy) some good books about it and download (or buy) an IDE (a development tool ) and start developing a small application.

good luck.

Have you some advice about an IDE for AJAX?

Maybe thomas can said to us what IDE he use? ;)

I would recommend starting off with a good C++ book. Personally I think Java, PHP, etc are poor languages to start off in because they abstract too much from the programmer. Then again I started with C++ so I am probably bias.

As for an AJAX development environment as far as I know there really isn't a full IDE for that. Depending on what library I am using, I either use TextMate (usually for RoR with prototype) or eclipse (mostly for PHP with MochiKit).

Really all you need in a text editor with Javascript syntax highlighting and firefox with the javascript debugger installed.

during my studies I have learned c++/java/mysql. I am familiar with html, JS, CSS and I am interested in helping to develop the calendar plug in, 'cause I like it and want some more functions. Now I going to learn AJAX autodidactic. Therefor, I maybe can give you a book advice.

Head Rush Ajax
Brett McLaughlin
ISBN: 0-596-10225-9
US $39.99 / CAN $55.99

Ajax - von Kopf bis Fuß
Brett McLaughlin
Deutsche Ãœbersetzung von Sascha Kersken
ISBN: 3-89721-469-5
Deutschland: 43,90€

They are working with many pic, repeating information in different ways... as far as I have read this book (OK, at least, I am in chapter 2 :o) ), this book is quite good.
As an IDE, if you like to call it so, I use Macromedia Dreamweaver... well... now its Adobe Dreamweaver.

--- Quote from: owenhau ---I want to learn PHP...
I want to learn C++...
I want to learn Java...
I want to learn ....Orz

--- End quote ---

PHP is for web.
C++ for Desktop apps
Java... well ;)
Sorry, Orz I never heard off...
These languages are for different purposes. What do you like to program? PHP and JS are powerful languages. They both get the point of object orientated programming. Well, the syntax looks sometimes a bit strange compared to C++, but don't mind...

And I second buglers' statement, not to learn both languages and focus therefor at one. C++ and Java are similar, but have differences that can you quite confuse a bit... Everytime we have to switch between these two languages in study, I need my time in programming to totally switch in mind... what the specific syntax is...

hope, that helps a bit...


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