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Title: feature request (re block quotes )
Post by: Dr_Jefyll on July 04, 2020, 10:31:07 AM
hello, all.  Just dropped in to say there's a fairly basic feature I wasn't able to find.  Perhaps this one has been mentioned before? Anyway...

Suppose I hit Reply to someone's email, which is several paragraphs.  A window opens with the the original email block-quoted.  I wanna be able to insert a comment after each paragraph (or where-ever I please)... IOW in the midst of the reply.

As a workaround, I click Source and manually insert </blockquote> then <blockquote> in the appropriate place.  But there should be an easier way!  Maybe it exists but I have overlooked it...  in which case the thing needs to be made more obvious (IMO).