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Title: Error on Page, List_Widget_is_Undefined
Post by: TimeSig on June 23, 2008, 02:01:14 PM
I am using RoundCube in IE (7.0.5730.11), offered by my web hosting company.

Issue: It seems I occasionally get to a point where there is an exclamation point in the lower left corner with message 'Error on Page' that if clicked, says 'Error: 'rcube_widget_is_undefined'.  It lists the offending line as Line 131, Char 11, Code 0.

I searched on this site and in Google but didn't find an explanation and perhaps it is simply an IE related issue but I don't experience this error with any other web app in IE.  Only RoundCube 0.1rc1.  I do not get this in Opera but I can't always use Opera for other reasons.

Any hints on what this is caused by?  Thank you in advance.

- TimeSig