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From what I remember the drag'n'drop handling code does not work properly with touch events. That's why drag'n'drop is disabled on touch devices in the Elastic skin. Javascript experience will be needed if you tend to remove that limitation.
Pending Issues / http 401 and http 200
« Last post by maniks on October 09, 2018, 03:08:45 PM »
New versions of RoundCube set the HTTP code 401 (Unauthorized) instead of 200 (OK) when the user is not logged in and Google does not index pages with 4xx codes. Where can I change the HTTP code in the program? Does anyone know?
This is a 10.5 inch tablet. I can't think of a web site designed for desktops that doesn't work on it, except for roundcube. Plus, as I mentioned, I CAN scroll through the list of folders in the left pane when reading email. I can also scroll through the right hand pane containing the list of messages. Why not the middle pane that contains the folders in Settings->Folders? My guess something different is being done when that middle pane is being created vs all other panes in roundcube.

I intend to do more tinkering to get roundcube working on a phone, but I don't see why a desktop interface shouldn't be fully functional on a large tablet. Can anyone give me a starting point where that middle pane is created? Maybe I can figure it out, even with my limited php experience.
Pending Issues / Re: Help - I'm new! Looking for MX DNS record for webmail 1.3.4
« Last post by SKaero on October 09, 2018, 10:01:22 AM »
You need to get the MX record from your email provider, its not something that comes with or is directly associated with Roundcube.
Pending Issues / Help - I'm new! Looking for MX DNS record for webmail 1.3.4
« Last post by Mcloud on October 09, 2018, 07:01:40 AM »

I'm trying to reactivate my Roundcube Webmail via who have asked for the MX / DNS records and I haven't been able to find them in the forums anywhere. I've been able to send an email out but not receive any for several months.
Can anyone help please?  ::)

The Larry skin (or the classic skin) is not designed for use on mobiles/tablets. Roundcube 1.4 (currently in Beta) has the new responsive Elastic skin which supports mobiles, tables and desktops.
I cannot manage folder subscriptions on my Android tablet because I cannot scroll thru the list of folders when I choose Settings -> Folders. The middle Folders pane acts as if there is no scroll bar, even though only about 1/4 of my folders are displayed.

The tablet is a Samsung Galaxy Tab S, Model SM-T800, running Android 6.0.1 with Google Chrome 69.0.3497.100

Roundcube is installed on Debian Stretch with php 7.0.30, apache 2.4.25, mariadb 10.1.26. I had originally installed roundcube 1.2.3 from the debian stretch repo, but when I hit this issue, I first upgraded to 1.3.6 by downloading and installing the .deb packages from the buster/testing repo. When that didn't fix it, I downloaded and installed 1.3.7 from here:
Still no joy. The only plugins are filesystem_attachments 1.0 and jqueryui 1.12.0.

I can scroll through the folders using these OS, browser combinations:
Ubuntu 18.04.1, Firefox Quantum 62.0 (64-bit)
Windows 10, Google Chrome 69.0.3497.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Windows 10, Microsoft Edge 42.17134.1.0

And I can scroll though the subscribed folders when I read mail on all OS, browser combos, including the android tablet. But that doesn't help me manage which folders I subscribe to.

I'm attaching two screenshots:
roundcube-android-chrome-50.jpg - shows the problem page on android & chrome
roundcube-win10-chrome.png - shows there are many more folders I can get to on windows 10 & chrome

Roundcube is on my personal web server. I've got full access and I'm also a software developer, although I've only tinkered with php. I can certainly apply and test patches, submit pull requests on github, and maybe do some coding. Please let me know how I can help improve roundcube.
General Discussion / Re: German lawful interception measures...any hints?
« Last post by wyrdforge on October 09, 2018, 03:37:55 AM »
Thanks for your input, this really helps a lot :)

1. Regarding the x-originating-ip I got a response from our interception service providers just some minutes ago.
Against expectation ( at least from their point of view ;) ), it conforms to BNA guidelines and is possible in their implementation to trigger on this, if the IP is sent in the imap ident request, as we do now by the roundcube_ident plugin. I think, this resolves injecting "dummy requests" into the stream.

2. I will gladly try to implement it this way and check back with our partners for conformity. I will definitely report back, after we found a working solution, but I assume it may take 2 to 3 weeks until I get the test results.

General Discussion / Re: Roundcube Troubleshooting
« Last post by rfanch3r on October 09, 2018, 12:53:49 AM »
Sweet thank you. I didn't even know where to look and most of my searches never came across this. I actually resolved this by doing the following:

chmod a+rwxt /var/mail
General Discussion / Re: Roundcube Troubleshooting
« Last post by SKaero on October 09, 2018, 12:40:41 AM »
Try reading though the steps in the "[Dovecot] cannot delete emails in inbox" thread here: the mail server needs to be able to read and write the emails in the users account and can't for some reason that most likely what is happening.
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