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Title: Attachments in the cloud
Post by: anekdot on May 22, 2018, 05:25:59 AM
Good day all !
I write a plug-in which saves in a cloud (on the external or local server) of attachment if their size exceeds some value, e.g. about 20M. For a research of a possibility of writing I researched the program\steps\mail\ file from which I draw a conclusion that rouncube does not provide the events suitable for correct deleting / adding attachments to emails and also uses for compose of emails of PEAR:: Mail_mime which also has no methods for deleting attachments. Whether it is planned to use instead of PEAR:: Mail_mime any other framework which will allow to delete from the email of attachment or adding of any events allowing to manipulate correctly with attachments?
To completely compose the email in case of fire event 'message_ready' it seems to me the bad idea.
Title: Re: Attachments in the cloud
Post by: alec on May 22, 2018, 05:38:25 AM
Adding attachments is possible. Removing is not. We do not plan on replacing Mail_mime, but we could extend it with attachment deleting functionality. Create a pull request.