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research project: webbased email
« on: September 26, 2011, 03:21:51 AM »
Warning: i don't know if this is right subforum to post in

Hi i'm a least year applied informatics bachelor (3rd) student and i'm currently doing a research project.
The idea was to create something new, inspiring, creative ... as you probabbly know that is hard thing to do in a fast moving world like
the internet at IT.

So what i'm trying to accomplish is a secure webbased email. You it probably a bit high taken but hey i wanna learn more about mailserver + i love
security. I already downloaded hmail and set it up thnx to to helpfull people at the irc chat 0:).

So what i'm trying to do now is set up roundcube so i can actually see what is going on at my hmail server eg. read the mails of the people i created myself.

However the idea is to create my own secure webbased email and i had a colegue who was willing to help however he
decided to quit school. So all the work comes to me *wooo*.

So any advice about setting up roundcube with hmailmail server security and creating your own webbased mail is more then welcome :)