Author Topic: I see what looks like encoding errors in firefox error log.  (Read 1135 times)

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Hi, I'm using 0.7.2 and I'm getting a lot of Javascript errors showing up in Firefox error console.

Code: [Select]
Timestamp: 05/11/2012 10:16:23 PM
Error: illegal character
Source File:
Line: 1
Source Code:

That was the top error. I'm won't bore you with the rest at this stage as I rekon if I can overcome this one, the rest will be resolved.

I'm running Firefox 12.0 on Kubuntu linux.
The server is running PHP 5.2.9 / Apache 2.2 on Cent OS. The result of uname -a is "2.6.18-028stab095.1-ent #1 SMP Mon Oct 24 20:45:18 MSD 2011 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux".

By the way, I commented out the line specifying 'deflate' in .htaccess earlier, hoping it might fix it, but it didn't.

The effect of this is that after you log in, you have to refresh the page, in order for the message to show up in the list. Also, using the password plugin, the password tab does not show up in the settings.

The odd thing is that using Google Chrome on the same linux system, all works perfectly!