Author Topic: Need Help! - Roundcube Web Interface very slow but Thunderbird lightening fast  (Read 5624 times)

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i am running Roundcube Webmail . i have a total of 20,000mails in my inbox.

It takes almost 30 seconds to 1 minute to search the mail.

i have done the following configuration but still the webmail seems to be taking an incredibly long time:-

$config['messages_cache'] = true;
$config['imap_cache'] = 'db';
$config['imap_cache_ttl'] = '10d';
$config['messages_cache_ttl'] = '10d';
$config['messages_cache_threshold'] = 50;
$config['message_sort_col'] = '';
$config['imap_auth_type'] = 'LOGIN';
$config['smtp_auth_type'] = 'LOGIN';

I am running iRedmail package(at the moment the Spamassin and Avasimd is off)
 My load :  10:19:59 up  1:27,  1 user,  load average: 0.00, 0.01, 0.05

I would appreciate if anyone could provide me more input on why is the Roundcube Webmail service taking so long.

Kevin A.

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I don't believe you have an issue with your searches.

iRedMail uses dovecot. In full text IMAP search dovecot shines in speed and reliability. Check your webmail search options... You may be trying to search emails body and in that case 30-60 seconds for 30,000 emails is nothing unexpected. Change search parameters to search headers FROM TO only and the search result should be instant.

In regards to your cache configuration, I wouldn't do it myself. Your SQL is hosted in the same server where roundcube is running. Unless you are certainly convinced that responses from your SQL server are faster than the answers you will get from your IMAP server (dovecot) I won't bother trying to cache anything. It is local after all and dovecot is extremely efficient. Just my two cents.

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Roundcube cache will not speed up searches. The difference between Thunderbird and Roundcube is that Thunderbird most likely does search on client side, while Roundcube uses IMAP directly (and cache is not used when for searching).