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Re: Support sucks here !
« on: December 25, 2007, 08:55:24 AM »
Quote from: wackhacker

It is sorry to see such an attitude, while you do not mention the following:

  • Do you have a working Apache installation?
  • Do you have PHP installed properly?
  • Do you have a working MySQL server running and configured?
  • Do you have a working IMAP server (RFC compliant) configured and working?

Without any basic skills you cannot work with any kind of software. And, besides that, RC2 means RELEASE CANDIDATE 2, which implies that this is a sort of ALPHA release, in which BUGS WILL appear/occure and therefor should not be used in any production environment.
Besides that, any OSS junior user already knows what LOGFILES are, and where to find those. Those files provide you with information about errors that occure during the use of software.

You made the choice of using bleeding-edge software, not the developers of this fine tool. You made the desicion to try to make it work. Therefor, the only one to blame here, is not the poor support, but just you, implied by your choice of usage of a RC2.

Whenever you think that there is poor documentation, please start writing it by yourself, or even better: debug the problem and create a (platform independant) patch and provide it to the developers. This way, you do contribute in a positive way, in stead of your poorly motivated post.

Bye the way, when you read on in the documentation of previous versions, you will see that roundcube is meant to be used in an IMAP environment. Therefor, the implication is, that you *NEED* and working IMAP service! Without a properly configured IMAP service, you cannot run any software that depends on such a service.

On the other hand, this forum is, from my humble point of view, not the place, nor the environment to start fussing about a poorly configurated/developed/designed W32 IMAP thingy, which you try to use. So: Get yourself an UBUNTU LAMP install and RETRY. If it doesn't work than, please drop me an e-mail, and i will try to help you out.

Just a small hint: WHATEVER must be configured in your poorly installed/configurated/designed W32 tool, called Mercury/W32 and *NOT* in roundcube or the database. :funny:


Code: [Select]
Webbrowser -> apache -> PHP -> Roundcube code -> PHP Modules-| -> MySQL
                               | -> IMAP -> User IDENTIFICATION -> MAILSTORE

MySQL is only used for storing information about the user's environment. Nothing else.
Your user-authentication is done trough the IMAP service, not by/in/trough the MYSQL database.

You are having a problem in your IMAP User IDENTIFICATION part. Nowhere else!