Author Topic: Vacation Assistent, Forward Tab, Password Tab - hMailserver (UPDATED to v0.1.1)  (Read 3334 times)

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Hi all,

I have updated original Vacation Assistent, Forward Tab, Password Tab -plugin for Roundcube v0.1.1 STABLE compatible.

See original post:

In the Attachment there are the Files for all 3 Tabs (Vacation Assistent, Forward Tab, Password Tab),

Enjoy :)

PS. My updated version includes Finnish translations AND you don't need to modify and the anymore because this updated script doesn't require anymore adminpassword of the hmailserver, and the host where hmailserver is running.

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Is it just me? I've downloaded the attachment but apperently it is broken...
Is there any way to get it from somewhere else?

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Not just you.  I get an empty zip file.  Let me look into this, as it could be a settings issue I've missed in vB.

This looks to be a vB issue.  I'm going to have to spend time this weekend going through and re-uploading older attachments.
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