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Activating newmail_notifier?

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Tried to activate the newmail_notifier plugin in svn-5028. The two new preferences are visible and active in the Settings, but it doesn't seem to do anything. I even went so far as to disable all other plugins, still nothing. No sound, no change in favicon. Am I missing something here?

Did you tried with different browsers? As I know there are problems on IE9.

I/we/my organization avoid IE like the plague. In fact, I mostly use Macs. But in answer, yes, I have tried both Safari and Firefox on my Mac (Snow Leopard), and also Safari in Windows 7. Didn't try FF on Windows yet.


I am experiencing the same issue...but I think in my case is due to the fact that I load the roundcubemail into an iframe. I am not sure if this is the case for you too.
For integration with another web application and extending the notification options, I will have to modify this plugin anyway...but I wanted to let you know that it may be an issue in some instances like this.

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I moved from the svn-trunk to 0.6-beta, newmail_notifier still not working correctly for me. "Display notifications on new message" appears to work like the old "focus on new" option. But no sound is played in any browser. Are there any special server-side requirements I might be missing?


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