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Title: Upgrade from RC 0.7.2-9 to 1.2.3
Post by: Burps on June 11, 2019, 11:32:12 AM

I've just inherited an old RC setup made with the ( tutorial, but using debian Wheezy (7.0, a few years ago...), which is based on roundcube 0.7.2-9+deb7u9.

I've almost followed the same tutorial to setup a brand new server, but using debian stretch (9.0), which uses roundcube 1.2.3+dfsg.1-4+deb9u3.

On my tests, I've successfully imported the mail (postfix) DB and files into the new server.
I even could test roundcube GUI : it does work ( I can login, see old mails, attachments..)

But I miss a few setup (identities, sieves, etc...)

Until now, I did not try to import a simple RC mysqldump to the new DB, I don't want to break it yet, I first would like some advice on what would be the best migration path.
Are there any migration script to upgrade from old versions ?

Title: Re: Upgrade from RC 0.7.2-9 to 1.2.3
Post by: JohnDoh on June 11, 2019, 03:27:41 PM
The way that Roundcube manages database schema updates changed with version 0.9 so such a bit leap in updates is probably not so straight forward.

Identities are stored in the rc database. sieve filters are not, they are on the sieve server.

Sorry to say I think with such a big jump you have some manual work to do to put the info in the correct place.