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BBCode Information
« on: July 26, 2006, 11:59:54 AM »
[mod]Moderator Edit[/mod]
Usage: [noparse][mod]Mod message[/mod][/noparse]
Used when a moderator edits a post for whatever reason

[edit]Regular Edit[/edit]
Usage: [noparse][edit]Edit message[/edit][/noparse]
Used when anyone edits their post

[tutorial=My Tutorial]
[step=1]A Numbered step[/step]
[step]A general step[/step]
Usage: [noparse][tutorial=TITLE]
[step=#]Step instructions[/step]
[step]General step, no number[/step]
Used to help define tutorials and steps.

This is a quote
Quote from: Brett
This is a quote with a name :)
Usage: [noparse]
Quoted text
Quote from: name
Quoted text
Some general quoting of past texts

Code: [Select]
Some general Code...Usage: [noparse]
Code: [Select]
Some general code[/noparse]
Used to format code properly (SQL, JavaScript, anything needing formatting with whte-space).

Some PHP code...
Usage: [noparse]Some PHP code here[/noparse]
Used to format & highlight PHP code so it's easier to read.

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Re: BBCode Information
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