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Pending Issues / Re: Folders issue
« Last post by JohnDoh on April 20, 2024, 05:37:59 AM »
This sounds really strange to me. I guess disable all plugins and then enable imap_debug and compare the response between the 2 tasks and may be that will give some clue?
As long as your SMTP server is working then Roundcube should be able to send emails, I guess you are getting an error of some kind?
General Discussion / Re: Import addressbook
« Last post by JohnDoh on April 20, 2024, 05:33:14 AM »
The steps sound reasonable to me but I've not done this task myself. The "name" field is the Display Name for the contact e.g. `[first name] [last name]`.

BTW shipped with Roundcube in the bin folder is a script called once you have done your import then if you run this script it will populate the "words" column.
General Discussion / Re: Round Cube Installation on New Server
« Last post by JohnDoh on April 20, 2024, 05:25:19 AM »
that looks like a web server error, did you configure your web server to point at your roundcube installation? I'm a bit confused about the directories you mentioned, do you not know where you installed it? Are you installing via some package management tool or from source? If you are using a package management tool then you should ask the people who created the package if they can give you support.
Roundcube Discussion / Re: Background color of selected emails
« Last post by JohnDoh on April 20, 2024, 05:22:02 AM »
The Elastic skin has built in support for customization, assuming you are families with Less. See To change the background color for selected list items to red in both light and dark modes you could add the following to your _variables.less file and then recompile the CSS
Code: [Select]
@color-list-selected-background: #FF0000;
@color-dark-list-selected-background: #FF0000;
I have been trying to set up Roundcube with postfix and dovecot for a long time on a local vm LAMP server. I have managed to make it possible to log in to Roundcube and view local user emails I have sent from the linux command line, but I can't send any emails from Roundcube. So I'm wondering wether is it even possible to set up roundcube locally only.
General Discussion / Import addressbook
« Last post by gandalf on April 18, 2024, 04:06:33 AM »
Hi all
I'm new to roundcube and i'm trying to set up a new server.

I have a lot of mailboxes (near 10k) with an old webmail (groupoffice) and I have to replace it with roundcube.

No issue installing roundcube and configuring it, it's working great. But I have to migrate the addressbooks from groupoffice to roundcube

I didn't find a migration script, so I have to write it on my own.

Please tell me if my assumptions are ok:

1. i batch-insert all email users to roundcube "users" db table (last_login and preferences empty)
2. add a contactgroup with the user_id taken from the users table
4. batch-insert all contacts from the old server addressbook to the contacts table, using the user_id taken at step1. The address book is mostly a vcard stored as text in "vcard" column, plus email,firstname,surname exposed in dedicated fields. What's the "name" field ?
4. batch-insert the relation between contacts and contactgroups in the table contacgroupmembers

Is this correct ?
General Discussion / Round Cube Installation on New Server
« Last post by voorzitterk214 on April 17, 2024, 05:59:47 AM »
I bought a new server and after installing necessary configuration and setting up my smtp I get the error below whenever I tried to open roundcube:
The requested resource was not found!
Please contact your server-administrator.
Failed request:

I tried to the following commands: cd /var/log/roundcubemail/
tail errors.log
cd /usr/share/roundcubemail/skins/
cd /etc/rounddcubemail

But I got
-bash: cd: /etc/rounddcubemail: No such file or directory

I'm very basic in command use. Can anyone be of help?
Roundcube Discussion / Clickable URL in template
« Last post by bbheli on April 16, 2024, 05:58:50 PM »
Hello, please help if you can. I created a responce and have that working but the URL I wish to include is not a clickable link, is there a way to fix that
Roundcube Discussion / Background color of selected emails
« Last post by rkct on April 16, 2024, 04:22:55 PM »

Have been using roundcube for years but just switched to "elastic" version for better display of email titles.
I like it fairly well, but there is one big issue -- the VERY pale blue background color of selected emails is so pale that I can barely see it !!!
Is there some way to alter this?  I use this as my professional webmail through my website hosting company.

Thank you in advance for any help.....
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