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Pending Issues / Re: committee emails
« Last post by JohnDoh on February 25, 2024, 04:16:27 PM »
Roundcube is open source webmail software your email provider is using to provide you with webmail access to your email. It is not a service. Please contact your email provider for support. Thats probably the same people who host your website.
Pending Issues / committee emails
« Last post by philm on February 25, 2024, 08:26:17 AM »
Hi all (new here) We had Roundcube setup for committee emails by one committee member who is no longer on
the committee & not responding to any requests for login details for Roundcube so we can add or remove others from emails.
Any help or ideas to get around this would be appreciated.

Did you install the javascript dependencies?
Oh!!! I forgot that! Thank you, this did the trick, now its working :)
Thank you very much for the fast reply and solution :) :)
General Discussion / Re: Setting user passwords over SSH
« Last post by SKaero on February 23, 2024, 01:09:01 PM »
The error log should be in <RC root>/logs/errors

If you need to use mysql through a tunnel you'll have to setup the tunnel binding for it to work:
Did you install the javascript dependencies?
Code: [Select]
2.2. Install Javascript dependencies by executing `bin/` script.
It sounds like your missing the bootstrap dependency.

I just reinstalled the actual master branch of Roundcube on my Ubuntu 22.04 server, because I could not update my old Roundcube anymore, too much errors.

First I checked out the repo and installed along the INSTALL howto, had to compile the less css to get working css, I can read my mails and send, that works.

But none of any DropDown Boxes are working, when I open e.g. the Options Button, with sort and list settings, there is no dropdown popping down, when I click in the field. In Firefox Debugger I see the error:
Code: [Select]
TypeError: select.popover is not a functionThat is in this code part:
Code: [Select]
                    // because of focus issues we can't always use body,
                    // if select is in a dialog, popover has to be a child of this dialog
                    container: dialog || document.body,
                    content: list[0],
                    placement: 'bottom',
                    trigger: 'manual',
                    boundary: 'viewport',
                    html: true,
                    offset: '0,2',
                    sanitize: false,
                    template: '<div class="popover select-menu" style="min-width: ' + min_width + 'px; max-width: ' + max_width + 'px">'
                        + '<div class="popover-header"></div>'
                        + '<div class="popover-body" style="max-height: ' + max_height + 'px"></div></div>'
that code is in line 3746 of js:
Code: [Select]
When I stop in FF with any exception, I see other errors too:
Code: [Select]
TypeError: $(...).attr(...).popover is not a function
MutationObserver.observe: Argument 1 is not an object.
While loading. So not only the DropDown Boxes are broken, I guess.

I thought maybe the master branch is buggy here, so I switched to tag 1.6.6 but its the same.

Does anybody could give me a hint, what I am missing here?
I am sure, I must have forgotten something, maybe something about jquery?

Thank. frank
General Discussion / Re: Setting user passwords over SSH
« Last post by IGIT on February 23, 2024, 10:43:34 AM »
That's what I thought but changing the settings doesn't seem to do anything. I turned logging on but not log file is created. There's nothing in any of the system logs. Do I need to reactivate the plugin or reload its setting in some way?

There's an option to use SSL, but I don't think this is what I want. My MySQL client connect to the database server over SSH. I think it's an SSH tunnel through which, on the remote end, it just connects using localhost on the standard MySQL port. Is this the same as SSL?
General Discussion / Re: Generating errors.log file
« Last post by MarcioD on February 23, 2024, 09:42:53 AM »
This is exactly what I had in mind. Thank you very much :)
General Discussion / Re: Generating errors.log file
« Last post by SKaero on February 23, 2024, 09:27:01 AM »
You could change <RC root>/program/lib/Roundcube/bootstrap.php "'log_errors' => true," to "'log_errors' => false," I think that would stop the Roundcube logging. Not recommended but may work for a short period of time.
General Discussion / Re: Setting user passwords over SSH
« Last post by SKaero on February 23, 2024, 09:20:28 AM »
I'm not sure what you mean by access mysql over ssh but you'll need to change the password plugin settings in <RC root>/plugins/password/
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