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API Based Plugins / Re: Alter config in startup
« Last post by SKaero on May 17, 2024, 01:30:17 PM »
When I add a couple of emails of Blocked Senders, there is a little notification that says something to the effect "already added". SO WHY ARETHE EMAILS STILL COMING INTO MY INBOX? Does Blocked Senders work??
API Based Plugins / Alter config in startup
« Last post by dkemens on May 17, 2024, 11:22:52 AM »
Hi all,

I'm building a plugin to alter the product name (captured from a separate system) on startup. Unfortunately, it seems like the template loads before the plugin does it's business. In my template, I have

Code: [Select]
<roundcube:object name="productname">
I've tried altering this to

Code: [Select]
<roundcube:var name="config:product_name">
But it seems to make no difference.

The plugin does this:

Code: [Select]
    public function init()
        $this->add_hook('startup', [$this, 'bootstrap']);

    public function bootstrap($args)
        $rcMail = rcmail::get_instance();

        $rcMail->config->set('product_name', Brand::getMeta('siteName'));

I've tried moving the
Code: [Select]
add_hook and all logic inside of an
Code: [Select]
onload() method - but I haven't found any success yet. Anybody have any thoughts/tips?

Deutsch / Spam
« Last post by Landhaus Lungau on May 17, 2024, 05:09:39 AM »
Ich habe vor kurzem auf IMap umgestellt um mein Webmail von zwei Geräten mit Outlook nutzen zu können.
Dabei hat sich was mit dem Spamfilter geändert und ich bekomme jetzt sehr viel Spam.

Kann ich das auf Webmail ändern oder muss ich das bei den beiden Outlook-Clienten machen?
Ein Client ist Apple der andere Windows. Auf beiden arbeite ich mit Outlook.

Es kommt wirklich viel durch und ich habe das Gefühl das es gar nicht gefiltert wird.
Manuelle Filter haben mir auch nicht wirklich geholfen.

Klaus Maria

General Discussion / Re: Not using managesieve_host from
« Last post by JohnDoh on May 16, 2024, 02:50:12 PM »
my guess is a permissions issue on the config file. you asked for a place to debug try this function which loads config files for plugins.
General Discussion / Not using managesieve_host from
« Last post by brianjmurrell on May 16, 2024, 01:30:55 PM »
I have the following set in my

$config['managesieve_host'] = 'tls://';

but the sieve plugin for RC continues to try to connect to localhost, as if the above configuration item were not set.

How do I go about debugging why this would be happening?  Indeed I have confirmed with some debug printing that:

    public function connect($username, $password)
        // Get connection parameters
        $host = $this->rc->config->get('managesieve_host', 'localhost');

is indeed setting $host to localhost.
SVN Discussion / Re: Data for mailing list
« Last post by obturatix on May 16, 2024, 12:38:17 PM »
hello JohnDoh,
thanks for your answer.
I'm going to go and try with this model.
I would like to view and search email archived files on roundcube and output the results to CSV and EXCEL files. It is known that roundcube's normal functions cannot output to CSV or EXCEL files. Is it possible to output email search results to CSV or EXCEL files using a plugin? If there is a better way, could you please tell me?
General Discussion / Re: Reading Pane
« Last post by bookings@leasinghamvillag on May 15, 2024, 11:37:45 AM »
Hi, Did you ever resolve the problem? I was fine until the latest update, but now I can't get rid of the Reading Pane, which is a real Pain!
Pending Issues / Re: Cloudflare 524 Error with Roudcube
« Last post by Disapper on May 15, 2024, 10:35:50 AM »
this here is the original file

Code: [Select]
[&#39;_GLOBAL&#39;][&#39;suppress_version_warning&#39;] = false;
$prefs[&#39;_GLOBAL&#39;][&#39;sync_collection_workaround&#39;] = false;
$domain getenv(&#39;HTTP_HOST&#39;);
if( empty($domain) ) $domain getenv(&#39;DOMAIN&#39;);
// Figure out the expected formatting based on username 
$userName = (string) $_SERVER[&#39;_RCUBE&#39;];
$userFormat = (string) &#39;%l@%d&#39;; 
if( strpos($userName, &#39;/&#39;) === false) { 
$userFormat = &#39;%l&#39;; 
$prefs[&#39;cPCardDAV&#39;] = array( 
&#39;name&#39;     => &#39;cPanel CardDAV&#39;, 
&#39;username&#39; => $userFormat, 
&#39;password&#39; => &#39;%p&#39;, 
&#39;url&#39;      => &#39;https://&#39; . $domain . &#39;:2080/addressbooks/&#39; . $userFormat . &#39;/addressbook/&#39;, 
&#39;active&#39;   => true, 
&#39;fixed&#39;    => array( &#39;name&#39;, &#39;username&#39;, &#39;password&#39; ), 
&#39;hide&#39;     => false, 


this one is yours

Code: [Select]
$prefs['_GLOBAL']['suppress_version_warning'] = false;
$prefs['_GLOBAL']['sync_collection_workaround'] = false;
if(file_exists('/var/cpanel/calendarserver')) {
$domain = getenv('HTTP_HOST');
if( empty($domain) ) $domain = getenv('DOMAIN');
// Figure out the expected formatting based on username
$userName = (string) $_SERVER['_RCUBE'];
$userFormat = (string) '%l@%d';
if( strpos($userName, '/') === false) {
$userFormat = '%l';

$prefs['cPCardDAV'] = array(
   'name'     => 'cPanel CardDAV',
   'username' => $userFormat,
   'password' => '%p',
   'url'      => 'https://' . $domain . ':2080/addressbooks/' . $userFormat . '/addressbook/',
   'active'   => true,
   'fixed'    => array( 'name', 'username', 'password' ),
   'hide'     => false,

This is the only difference between the two
Code: [Select]
if(file_exists('/var/cpanel/calendarserver')) {

which I added to my file and it still didn't work.
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